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To support the TLC mission of enhancing student learning experiences through effective blended learning practices, the TLC Pedagogy Team has partnered with a blended learning and higher education consultant to design and deliver a four week long blended learning training and mentorship.  The course competencies will be based on planning, designing, and delivering effective blended learning experiences. The tentative schedule for the training is February 29th through March 26th.  

Based on applied and authentic learning, participants will have the opportunity to interactively model and apply best practices in blended learning, and will culminate in course capstone where they design a new or revise an existing instruction unit.  

The course will take place asynchronously via Moodle weekly, with an estimated time commitment of 5-6 hours each week.  Additionally, each week there will be a weekly synchronous webinar conducted with Adobe Connect lasting for 60-90 minutes.

Learn conversational Quechua spoken in the Andes mountains of Peru

  • Develop a working Quechua vocabulary of 1,000 words.
  • Demonstrate basic Quechua conversation skills
  • Apply conversational Quechua in 6 different 10 different contexts 
  • Discover the rich world and cultural herritage of the Quechua people of Latin America

Grad Ally Dev Sandbox


Q1 - Read Fiction texts  / Write narrative